Adam Cintron's Mitzvah Project

This project is now complete.

Hello, my name is Adam Cintron. For my Bar Mitzvah, I am learning about the Jews of Ethiopia and helping to feed the Ethiopian children.

In 1769, a Scottish explorer stumbled upon the community of Beta Israel, in the northern hills of Ethiopia, where they had been living for centuries. According to the Torah, Jacob had twelve sons, whose descendants became the twelve tribes of Israel. One of his sons with Bilhah, Rachel’s handmaid, was Dan. Beta Israel is believed to be the lost tribe of Dan, the only known survivors of the ancient Diaspora.

Today, there are still 7,000 Jews in Ethiopia, waiting for permission to join their families in Israel. They live in mud huts, with no running water, and hardly any food. Most children only get 100-200 calories a day, usually from Ethiopian bread called injera. Through donations, the NACOEJ provides a nutritious lunch (474 calories) for the school children, six days a week. Without this special lunch, the children would be too weak to study.

My goal is to raise enough money ($1,950) to feed 13 children for a whole year. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation. The children and I will be thankful for whatever you can spare.

Thank you for visiting my webpage -Adam

Adam Cintron's Progress

Goals : $ 1950

Raised : $ 2085

Updated : 9/27/2012
Adam Cintron's Wish List

Each life-saving lunch costs only 50 cents

  • $13 feeds 1 child for 1 month
  • $25 feeds 2 children for 1 month
  • $50 feeds 4 children for 1 month
  • $150 feeds 1 child for a whole year