The Limudiah Intensive Education Program

The Ethiopian community in Israel faces challenges at every turn:  language barriers, cultural gaps, unemployment, and most of all education that does not meet the needs of their children.

Nationally, half of all Ethiopian-Israeli elementary school students reach fail to reach class level.

But in the NACOEJ Limudiah Program, close to 80% of the students are at class level or higher.

Since 1993, the NACOEJ Limudiah programs have offered needed assistance for thousands of children in grades one through six. The programs enable Ethiopian students to stay on grade level with, or surpass, their non-Ethiopian classmates.

Hundreds of Ethiopian children participate during the school year, during which they receive 10 weekly hours of intensive after -school learning. The focus is on reading, writing and arithmetic, but also includes English, art, music, and more.

The children excel in part because of the small teacher-to-student ratio of one to eight (or less), which enables the students to receive much-needed individualized attention.

Nutritious hot lunches are always provided, a necessity, as the children often come to school without having eaten breakfast and without a bagged lunch. For many of them, this is the only truly nourishing meal of the day.

The programs are so successful that they are regarded as models throughout Israel, and there is a waiting list of communities and schools which would like NACOEJ to provide their children with a Limudiah.

Please help these children succeed in school and ensure their future!

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