Operation Solomon Learning Materials

Recommended Resources and Reading List
Primary Sources:
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1. Transcript of Interview with Barbara Ribakove Gordon PDF

2. Personal accounts of Operation Solomon by students in the NACOEJ/Vidal Sassoon Adopt-A-Student College Sponsorship Program

A. Worky PDF

B. Tizazo PDF

Click below for photographs of Operation Solomon:
Photographs are the property of NACOEJ and may be used solely for educational purposes associated with the Chai Anniversary of Operation Solomon.

1. Jews in Ethiopia heading for airplane to leave for Israel on Operation Solomon (color)
2. Jews in Ethiopia arrive at airport - Operation Solomon (B&W)
3. Jews boarding Operation Solomon plane - close-up (color)
4. Jews boarding Operation Solomon plane - wide-angle (B&W)
5. Kissing ground on arrival in Israel (color)
6. Ethiopian Jews finally arrive in Israel (B&W)

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“The Jews of Ethiopia - Operation Solomon, Blue StarPR” (4 minutes):
El Al video (5 minutes)