Jack Sharfstein's Mosquito Net Project


When I saw people giving money to help children in Africa on “Idol Gives Back” this year, I knew that’s what I wanted to do for my mitzvah project.

I couldn’t believe how many families around the world die from hunger and disease, especially malaria.

Every year, kids in Ethiopia get malaria by getting bitten by mosquitoes. At night, mosquitoes usually are able to bite children because they move less in their sleep. In fact, 15.3 million people get malaria in Ethiopia each year. You can help reduce that number by donating $5 to buy a mosquito net for a child in Ethiopia. These nets are hung over a child’s bed. The nets are treated with a special bug spray so the mosquitoes can’t bite that child. I think it’s amazing that instead of renting a movie or buying a fast-food meal for $5, you can help save a child’s life.

My older sister twinned with an Ethiopian Jewish girl for her bat mitzvah and also collected school supplies for Ethiopian Jewish children in Israel through NACOEJ. This organization helps Jewish families in Ethiopia who are waiting to make aliyah to Israel. Most of these families don’t have enough to eat. But by giving just $5 (or more!) for a mosquito net, you can help NACOEJ have more money to feed the children in these families AND help protect children from malaria.

Sam Swidler started this project for his bar mitzvah, so when I saw his mitzvah project page on the NACOEJ website, I knew this was a way I could help too. I plan to donate 10% of the cash gifts that I receive for my bar mitzvah to buy mosquito nets. My goal is to raise enough money to donate 400 mosquito nets.

Please help save a child’s life today. Thank you!


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