Natasha and Matt's Mitzvah Project

We have decided to use our wedding and the gathering of all our loved ones as an opportunity to increase kindness within our world. As many of you know, Israel holds a very special place within both of our hearts, and we plan to take our Honeymoon learning and traveling around the country. Our upcoming visit holds the unique opportunity to bring items from the United States overseas to those in need, and to come together for an important cause.

We are donating school supplies to the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry, helping children grades one through six in the Limudiah Program, an Intensive After-School Education focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic. Many Ethiopian-Israeli children live below the poverty line, and urgently need books, pencils and other necessities.

Your contribution to our Mitzvah Project will help fund the supplies they need to succeed in both their studies and their futures!

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