Rachel Bransky's Mitzvah Project

Message From Rachel:

My name is Rachel Bransky and my Bat Mitzvah is January 28, 2012.  For my Mitzvah Project I have chosen to raise awareness about Ethiopian Jewry and to raise money for the Limudiah programs, intensive after school education for Ethiopian-Israeli children.


The Limudiah program provides after school learning for children enrolled.  Giving students a strong early education base, allows them to meet and even exceed their peers in school which builds on their self esteem and can take them a long way.  The Limudiah program also provides a good lunch to children in grades 1-4.  We all know that learning is easier on a full belly and many of these students do not get a nutritious meal at home, if they get any food at all.  A little bit of personal attention provided to the children in the Limudiah program gives them hope and a brighter future.

Please consider making a donation to help me reach my goal and ultimately help the Ethiopian Jewish children who have made Aliyah to Israel.

Todah Rabah!
Rachel Bransky

Rachel Bransky's Wish List
  • $18 Lunch for 1 class of 8 children for a day
  • $36 Books for 2 children for a year
  • $72 Limudiah and lunch for 1 child for 2 weeks
  • $180 Field trips and special activities for 1 class
  • $1,400 1 child for 1 year in Limudiah

Rachel Bransky's Progress

Goal: $1800

Raised: $1093