Rebecca Grossman's Mitzvah Project

My name is Rebecca Grossman and my Bat Mitzvah was on March 19, 2011.  For my Mitzvah Project I have chosen to raise awareness about Ethiopian Jewry and to raise money for the Limudiah Programs: Intensive Afterschool Education for Ethiopian-Israeli Children.

This program provides a good lunch to children in grades 1 through 4 who are enrolled in the program. It also provides 10-12 hours of intensive afterschool learning. Providing these students with a nutritious meal and a strong early education base allows them to meet and exceed their peers in school. We all know that learning is made easier on a full belly and many of these children do not get much food at home.  This and a little bit of personal attention takes these students a long way and will help get them out of poverty and into a better life in the future for them and their children.  Any contribution to my Mitzvah Project will be appreciated not only by me but by the children in Israel as well.

Thank you for supporting this project,

Rebecca Grossman

Rebecca's Wish List
  • $18 Lunch for 1 class of 8 children for a day
  • $36 Books for 2 children for a year
  • $72 Limudiah and lunch for 1 child for 2 weeks
  • $180 Field trips and special activities for 1 class
  • $1,400 1 child for 1 year in Limudiah

Rebecca Grossman's Progress

Goal : $ 1800 

Raised : $ 954

Updated : 9/27/2012