Sam Swidler's Mosquito Net Project

Sam Swidler's Mosquito Net Project

Congratulations to Sam Swidler on his Bar Mitzvah! Sam raised $3,335 Providing 667 mosquito nets.


Message from Sam

Last year I saw a Donation special on TV.  People were Donating money to different people in the world who needed help.  The thing that  inspired me the most was the loss of so many families in Africa to Malaria.

Each year, most children in Ethiopia get malaria by just getting bitten by a mosquito.  At night, the mosquitoes usually are able to bite a child because they move less in their sleep.  In fact, 15.3 million people get malaria in Ethiopia alone.  Yet, I was amazed at how easy it is to help with this disease compared to some other problems.  That is why I decided to raise money for the purchase of mosquito nets.  These nets can help save children because the mosquito nets are treated with a special bug spray so the mosquitoes can't get through.  The nets are hung over a child's bed.  Each net costs $5.  Just think, to me, $5 is 2 bagels with cream cheese.  Yet, for the same $5 we can help to save a child's life.

I know that the children in Africa have many more problems than just malaria.  But if I can help them with just one of their problems in a very real way, then I know I have done some good.

I will also bring a sample net to show everyone at my Bar Mitzvah. I will be giving 10% of the cash gifts that I receive for my Bar Mitzvah to this very worthy cause.

Please help save a child's life.


Sam Swidler's Progress

Goal: $10000 

Raised: $2000

Updated: 9/27/2012