Zachary Berg's Mitzvah Project

My name is Zachary Berg. My Bar Mitzvah is on September 17th, 2016, and for my mitzvah project I am supporting the North American Conference on Ethiopian Jewry. I am specifically supporting the Limudiah program. This program gives Ethiopian Jewish children living in Israel 10-12 extra hours of tutoring and healthy lunches. At least 80% of the kids who study in the Limudiah reach grade level, or do better than grade level.

Through NACOEJ, I am also lucky to have a twin named Idan. We are pen pals, and I am helping to sponsor his B’nai Mitzvah preparations. My goal is $18,000 dollars, which will cover the cost of three Limudiah students for a whole year, including their textbooks, supplies, and workbooks needed for a class. I hope you can help me reach my goal.

Idan Wondemagen

Zachary Berg's Progress

Goal: $42000

Raised: $41187

Updated: 11/16/2016